The motive of the label is a stylized rooster - one of the characteristic symbols of northwest Croatia where the vineyards from which this wine comes are situated.
The place is called Stubica, and the rooster binds many legends, one of which is that in the year 1552 the Turks persistently besieged one of the cities trying to deplete the defenders by hunger and force them to surrender.
The only food left was just one rooster. The defenders caught it and said: "If everything is going to the Turks let him go as well" and fired it out of a cannon.
The Turks believed that the city must have plenty of food if they can throw around roosters, and therefore broke the siege.
The lower edge of the label is cut in a way that it resembles a stylized roof top. At the top of it lies a rooster “crowing out” sayings about the winefor which this region is famous of.
One of the sayings is: "Wine can turn even the mute into a nightingale".

Special thanks to architect Marin Šapit for contribution in design thinking.